Warehouse Tunnel Ware Original - Skydio 2 crop

Automate your inventory with drones, today

Deploy autonomous drones remotely, without anyone coming on-site.

Don't let COVID-19 stand in your way.

Because we use the smartest drones, you can deploy Ware at your facility, remotely—on your own—today. We've designed our inventory automation system to be simple to use from the ground-up. That means no external vendors have to come on-site to your facility for you to get started. Plus, there is no cost for this remote deployment program! Get started on a small scale now and expand as soon as you're ready.


How it works:

  1. Work with our team to create a digital map of your facility
  2. Receive your drone(s) in the mail
  3. Tap a button and start automating your inventory


There is no cost for the remote deployment program. We get you started on a small scale inside your facility, deliver an inventory report to you on that area, and then expand from there if you like the results. No commitments and you have the full support of the Ware team.

Get started now -- fill out the form on this page.